Our rig mat is constructed with outer frames of steel channel, incorporating smooth radiuses on all edges, and unique crane lifting eyes built into the corners of the frame. The heart of our system is our full length Douglas fir tongue and grooved laminated glulam beams.  Our glulam beams are first glued and pressed vertically into billets which are then each tongue and grooved and pressed horizontally into the finished glulam beam. The combination of longitudinal steel rails and the full length glulam beams gives our rig mat more than twice the bridge strength of the traditional rig mat marketed today, all with competitive pricing and many years of durability.


US Mat Systems has taken the traditional rig mat and brought it into the 21st century. We wanted a stronger, longer lasting, and more durable rig mat to handle the new generation of ultra heavy modules often encountered in the energy industry.

  • Glulam beams of douglas fir or red oak tongue-and-grooved together to form an ultra-strong platform
  • Reinforced with a steel channel frame and I-beam supports longitudinally
  • Engineered with the most extreme temperatures in mind
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We built a better, stronger, smarter mat to take it all on. Quickly build what you need to get the job done, lift the largest loads, keep your workers safe, and help protect the environment with our mats.

  • Linkable into strong roads and platforms Learn more
  • Rounded edges and flush decks to keep your workers safe and to easily transport and stack with forklifts
  • Environmentally friendly glues and materials and flush decks and corners will keep your environmental protection membranes safe from puncture
  • Crane lifting eyes built into the corners


All of our rig mats are designed to fasten together into a 3-dimensional matrix using our unique, patented linking system.

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